The Authors

Brian WilliamsonBrian is a devoted husband and father of three who discovered the ketogenic diet when researching treatments for his son’s epilepsy. He learned the science behind the ketogenic way of life, and gained the tools needed to accomplish the health and fitness goals he wanted to achieve.

By adopting the ketogenic way of life, he has lost 60 pounds (so far), improved his mental and physical health, and started enjoying life.

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Carrie BrownCarrie brings joy to the keto world through her wisdom, her compassion, and, of course, her incredibly delicious foods. She can often be found in the kitchen, surrounded by her four-legged friends, concocting, devising, developing, and making the impossible very possible (and affordable). When she’s not there, or recording podcasts, she’s excitedly zooming around the country to photograph beautiful landscapes and other living things.

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Rekka JayRekka likes to keep busy, and loves how keto fuels her brain and body so she can keep going non-stop.

She’s a graphic designer (both in her day job and freelance), an illustrator, fiction author, and podcast co-host. In what spare time she leaves herself, she likes to play video games, read, and then pass out on the couch with her cats.

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Twitter & Instagram: @bittybittyzap

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