Why is the print edition so expensive?

Unfortunately this is out of our control. Amazon runs the numbers and decides how much to charge for the book based on page count, the color interior, and the trim size.

I’d love to have Brian, Carrie, and Rekka autograph my book! Will you be doing a book tour for KICKASS KETO?

Unfortunately book tours are very expensive, and very time consuming! We can’t travel everywhere we’d like to go to meet folks, nor can we take that much time away from earning our livings.

I’m having trouble with my purchase of the KICKASS KETO Print Book.

Please contact Amazon.com through Your Account / Orders to report a problem with shipping or the quality of your print book.

I am confused or have a question about information in KICKASS KETO.

We can help! If your question isn’t answered here, please write to cb@carriebrown.com with your question. It will help to include the page number you’re looking at.

I found an error or a typo in the book. Do you want me to report it?

Sharp eyes! Please report any errata to cb@carriebrown.com – and thank you for helping to make the book even more KICKASS!